Launch, sell & deliver subscriptions on Commerce Cloud while providing unparalleled customer experiences

What’s in your Solution Overview?

Today your customers expect ongoing excellence throughout their customer journey. Retailers’ attempts to measure up to these escalating expectations have seen the subscription sales model soar.

But, with fragmented technology systems undermining the delivery of scalable or efficient subscription sales, are you ready to satisfy your consumers’ growing appetite for subscriptions?

By combining CloudSense and Salesforce Commerce Cloud you can quickly and easily power the sale of both recurring subscription services, as well as your one-off sales.

Download your solution overview today to discover the power of smart document generation:

  • Diversify your offerings and deliver subscriptions, services and tangible goods from a single platform

  • Connect marketing, sales, fulfillment and customer service to provide the ultimate personalized customer experience

  • Deliver omnichannel experiences before, during and post-purchase on every Salesforce cloud

  • Empower customers to stay up-to-speed and manage subscriptions through self-service.

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