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Seize competitive advantage with next-gen service monetization

What’s in your Solution Overview?

The rollout of 5G, IoT and complementary over-the-top services presents an enormous opportunity for communications service providers. The first to offer 5G’s advanced speed, services and experiences will see customer satisfaction climb and revenues soar.

Operators could achieve 36% more revenue from 5G-enabled industry digitalization market opportunities by 2026.

But, with legacy Business and Operations Support Systems unequipped to handle either a fast or profitable rollout of 5G, are you positioned to take advantage of 5G?

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Meet Digital Edge, the pre-integrated solution stack architected for digital and 5G services, from Openet, CloudSense and Salesforce.

With Digital Edge service providers can rapidly launch, fulfil and monetize your 5G services, products and customer experiences.

Download your solution overview today to discover how Digital Edge will help you rapidly rollout and monetize your 5G services:

  • Monetize the latest communications technology

  • Increase revenues with personalized offers and sell partner products

  • Cut product launch costs and automate customer care with self-service

  • Grow customer lifetime value and NPS with personalized offers, and micro order capture

  • Engage customers in real time across any channel, retaining complete customer control.

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