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How to simplify complex subscriptions and elevate your customer experience

Discover Digital Commerce for service-intensive industries (like Communications, Media, Utilities) with CloudSense and Salesforce. Join this webinar to discover:

  • How you can power convenient subscriber experiences with Commerce
  • How leading businesses are implementing this solution to drive growth 
  • New demo: Commerce for complex subscriptions on Salesforce

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Convenient, friction-free customer experiences are the #1 driver of revenue growth

But, for service-intensive industries, customer experience has typically lagged behind other industries – held back by the complexity of subscription management. Until now.

Join leaders at CloudSense & Salesforce for a webinar & Q&A to see how your business can offer seamless, instant and automated subscriber experiences. Designed for complex subscriptions and services, CloudSense Digital Commerce combines with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to learn, adapt and deliver the elevated, convenient experiences your customers expect. 

Your hosts

erin dorshorst 2

Erin Dorshorst
Director, Product Marketing
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Previously with IBM and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Erin has over a decade of experience in the retail and consumer goods industries serving in global sales and marketing roles.

mustafa oyumi image - mint circle

Mustafa Oyumi
Industry Solutions Specialist
Mustafa is an expert in customer experience overhaul in service-intensive industries. Prior to CloudSense, Mustafa headed product management for communications and media industries at Salesforce, where he worked on extending Salesforce as the customer engagement platform.